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Properly Securing Your Garage

11/24/2013 Back To Blog

The garage in most homes is not only used as a place for vehicles. Often, it is also used as a storage area for tools, equipment, and other valuable items. It has to be properly secured not just from intruders but also from dangers from within. There are many aspects of securing a garage on a daily basis.

Garage Door Dependability

It is imperative to make sure that your garage door is strong enough to prevent trespassers from getting through. This is particularly important if you live in an area with distant neighbors who may not notice any commotion happening on your turf. Easy-to-destroy door panels can be easily used as entry and exit points of burglars. You have to do garage door panel repair or replacement as soon as you spot something wrong with it. Likewise, you have to make sure that there are no defects in your garage door that can be exploited by burglars. Even a broken garage door hinge or spring can be a security threat.


It is necessary to have a proper lock system. The door should be adequately secured. If there are windows in the garage, it is important to make sure that they cannot be used as entry points for intruders. If you rely on your electric door openers for your lock system, you have to ascertain that they are not malfunctioning or working erratically. Better yet, install additional locks you can use especially at night.


Security threats are not limited to those posed by intruders or burglars. They can also arise from within the garage. For instance, if you have a glass garage door and you have flammables stored inside your garage, sunlight refracting into the glass panel can ignite such flammables and cause fire. The same thing can happen through glass windows. To avoid this problem, you can put tints or reflective sun film on the glass. They prevent excessive heat from penetrating while making the things inside less visible from possible intruders. Additionally, if you are using an electric door opener, you have to make sure that it has an auto reverse feature to prevent accidents.

If you cannot do repairs or tweaks on your own, it would be inevitable to ask for professional assistance. Fortunately, garage door repair company in Addison assists in making doors more secure. Also, it is quite easy to source the materials needed to enhance garage security.

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