Garage Door Repair Addison
Garage Door Repair Addison
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Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

As perfectionists in all services, we guarantee that the replacement and installation of your garage door and its parts will be done properly

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Garage Door Springs

If you have broken springs, we can replace and repair them for you, making sure that your door functions smoothly and safely.

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Gate Repair Services

In addition to our garage door repair services, we also cover all gate needs equally and properly

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Garage Door Repair Addison

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We focus on helping our local community in Texas through the provision of services of garage door repair. Our technicians are committed to their job and the quality standards that we have set. We also try to ensure that all our clients get a good deal in terms of pricing.

Some of the brands we provide service for: Genie, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain, and more!
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We Meet Your High Standards in Addison

“Garage Door Repair Addison” is a renowned service provider in the area offering the best in door repair, installation, and maintenance. Our notable company partners with only the top players in the industry like Genie, Liftmaster, Stanley, and Chamberlain among others, so expect only the best from us. There is no question of installing a sub-standard replacement or product at any point of time. If you call our service personnel for repair, rest assured that the job will be done within the specified time frame. We understand the importance of a fully functional garage door and any delay in repairing it can pose a risk to your security as well as your home’s safety.

Garage Door Repair Services in Texas

Garage doors and openers are one of the most used pieces of equipment at home and some of us even use them several times a day. Further, their heavy weight only adds to the existing assumption they can break down suddenly. This is not always the case and in fact such accidents can be totally prevented if customers engage the services of our professional experts. They assist in emergency repairs in a prompt manner but additionally excel by preventing garage door mishaps from occurring in the first place. Our long list of customers is growing by the day and this is possible due to employing only the best in the field alongside stocking up on top notch components and tools that are handy during emergencies.

If you are a vintage garage door owner or have a brand new electric garage door and opener, in both cases, maintenance plays a crucial part. Most of us tend to put the maintenance aspect in the back burner especially if the door is new but that is the most common mistake. In most cases problems is detected sooner than you think and homeowners need to keep an eye open for even the slightest malfunction or if something different from the customary is noticed. Get in touch with our experts immediately after that as doing anything on your own can be dangerous and even fatal. However, there are a few tips to use and we’ve listed them below. This will ensure the door functions well and minor malfunctioning components are repaired immediately.Garage Door Repair Addison, Texas

* The garage door cable is one part that gets frayed easily due to constant use. Contact our specialists immediately to report even the slightest sign of a frayed cable. We replace them for you quickly.

* Lubricating certain parts of the garage door might seem like the easiest thing to do but only if you know what to lubricate. Also using the right type of lubricant is important. Certain moving components that are within you reach like the openers chains, bearing and hinges can be lubricated while the rest can be left for our technicians to do. Dust and grime tends to accumulate after several months of use. The door track and the photo eye sensor should also be clean and free from dust and if they are not clean, it can hamper their functioning.

* The role of garage door springs cannot be overemphasized. They take on the full weight of the door and deserve special importance.  This is where our expertise comes into play as we know how to balance the tension correctly. We meticulously check and replace faulty spring sets or install new springs if required. A careful assessment by our elite technicians helps prevent accidents in the future and leaves you garage door functioning without a glitch.

The functioning of a garage door opener is also very important, since no one wants to deal with a jammed or broken opener just before heading out to work or a vacation. Most importantly we help you complete periodic tests on the door and opener to check if they are functioning the right way. The safety reversal test is one of them and in some cases the door and opener may just not work if the photo eye sensors are not aligned correctly. This is also something that we can help you with. Any old garage door opener can be replaced flawlessly by us and we recommend only quality brands that will last a long time.

Our admirable team at Garage Door Repair Addison offers customized services to suit specific needs. If you decide to work with us, you get more than just quick and efficient repair or installation service. The security of your home and your family is assured always. Technicians are courteous and polite and take the time to explain the working of the door patiently. We are open to answer any questions you may have as it always good to be clear on how the garage door functions. Give us a call today and experience the best garage door repair service ever.

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