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Before you maintain the garage door, take a moment to go through our tips! You will find great ideas!

Lubrication keeps noise away

In order to avoid noise and irritation coming from the rails and other moving parts of your garage doors, it is very important to lubricate them accordingly. Lack of lubrication may result in damage and the need for a garage door repair. Regularly check the lubrication of your door once in a while in order to make sure that these problems are avoided.

Select the best door type

When deciding between having a steel garage door and others, it is highly recommended to think about the amount of security that you want your door to offer. In Addison, it has been the trend among homeowners to use steel garage doors, being the durable and energy efficient choice. Even with these types of doors, customization is still possible.

Prevent garage door off track

The door will come off tracks when it is not balanced properly, the garage door rollers are not lubricated on time or the nuts, brackets and bolts are loose since they will misalign the tracks. These are all major problems since they will compromise your safety.

Periodically check if all features are working properly

When garage doors begin to malfunction, it typically happens one part at a time, according to our specialists. There are times when the emergency features unfortunately malfunction. Do not let this happen to your garage door and periodically check if everything is still in order.

Know the measurements

Garage doors come in different types and sizes and it is always good to take note of the measurements and other dimensions of your garage door at home, which our experts highly recommend. When looking for upgrades or replacements for your garage door, its size is very important basic information that can be useful on your next trip to the store.

Check the sensors often

Whichever type of entrapment protection you have, you must make sure the devices are properly checked if possible every week. Garage Door Repair Addison recommends checking all wires, too. They must be properly connected to the garage door opener terminals and replaced when they are worn.

The advantages of silicone-based spray lubricants

If you want to lubricate your garage door rollers, roller hinges and chain to eliminate irritating noises coming from these parts our technicians highly recommend silicone based garage door spray lubricants which will surely loosen up your door’s moving parts and prevent dust and dirt accumulation. Since it is tack-free you can spray it on the roller without worrying about it getting on your garage door track.

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