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Prepare for Garage Door Maintenance Properly

11/28/2014 Back To Blog

Although garage door repairs are not usually easy tasks and hardly recommended for homeowners, checking the parts and tuning up the system a bit cannot hurt anyone. This is partially true! Who said that garage door springs won't snap when you are messing with them? Who can rule out the possibility of having their fingers seriously injured? In theory, everything seems easier than in real terms. When you put theory in actual deeds, the scenery is completely different. Though, if one insists on checking his own door, preparing for this task is actually of major importance.


Learn what to do to keep safe


Do you know how easy it is to amputate your fingers? It will just take a minute. So, it's important to know where to avoid putting your fingers and hands and especially in the joints of the overhead door. It would even be better if you could wear gloves. The task must be harder but you can be sure that you will still have all ten fingers by the end of the day. Why take risks? Keep in mind that garage door cables might have burrs and other parts or window edges might have sharp ends.


It's equally important to protect your face and eyes. Wear safety glasses at all times. Springs are not the only parts that can snap. Cables might snap, too. Temperature fluctuations affect fasteners and there is a slight chance that will burst, too. Why take the chance? Actually, it's vital to keep your torso and face as far as possible from any part. The system can also be checked by hearing and looking of how it operates from afar.


Of course, it goes without saying that the electric garage door opener must be unplugged and disconnected. In this case, you ought to remember that springs will be the ones that will keep the door open. If their condition is questioned, don't stand under the door. It's always helpful to put c-clamps in the tracks to keep it from moving. It's also crucial to remember that springs have less tension when the door is in its open position. Some parts are installed high and you'll need a stool or a ladder to reach them. Prefer the ladder and make sure it's stable. Many people have been injured because they fell from unstable stools. Taking good measures before checking the door can really save your life! 


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